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Turquoise Round 6mm
Picture of 6ST413, Turquoise Round 6mm

3 PC $2.68 ($0.89 per PC) was $3.35

6 PC $4.00 ($0.67 per PC) was $5.00

62 PC $36.40 ($0.59 per PC) was $45.50

124 PC $70.00 ($0.56 per PC) was $87.50


Shape: Chinese Turquoise
Size: Rounds
Finish: 06mm
Material: Turquoise
Made in: China
Description: Turquoise has been a highly popular semi-precious gem to many societies from the Egyptians to the Aztecs since ancient times. Turquoise is a very porous material, so heat, light, oils, and chemicals can have a negative effect on the stones color and luster. Turquoise is most popular in southwestern fashions. Use turquoise beads with sterling silver beads and charms, Southwestern Inlay beads and pendants, and heishi shells. This turquoise has been stabilized to harden the stone and protect its color.
Showroom Aisle: 1
Showroom Section: R

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Crimp Tube 2mm Sterling Silver
Picture of FI163-SS, Crimp Tube 2mm Sterling Silver

20 PC $2.00 ($0.10 per PC)

80 PC $5.55 ($0.07 per PC)

300 PC $16.00 ($0.05 per PC)


Showroom Location
Aisle 40 Section D
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Turquoise Tube 4x6mm
Picture of 65ST413, Turquoise Tube 4x6mm

4 PC $2.52 ($0.63 per PC) was $3.15

12 PC $5.60 ($0.47 per PC) was $7.00

66 PC $24.64 ($0.37 per PC) was $30.80

132 PC $46.40 ($0.35 per PC) was $58.00


Showroom Location
Aisle 1 Section R
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