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Assorted Sizes

No matter the size of the hole, we have just the right beading needle to suit your needs! We carry a broad range of beading needle styles and sizes for any beading cord or thread. We've got long and short sharp needles in all your favorite sizes #08 through #15. We also carry twisted wire beading needles, big eye beading needles and even crochet hooks! If you have difficulty threading your small eyed beading needles, you can try using a needle threader or you can try this simple trick: Loop a very fine thread like size "OO" or "A" around your chosen stringing material to lead the thicker material through the eye! Keep track of your beading needles with a needle case!

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Needle 3-piece Set For Leather John James
Picture of FI281-L, Needle 3-piece Set For Leather John James

1 PK $7.19 ($7.19 per PK) was $8.99

2 PK $12.80 ($6.40 per PK) was $16.00

4 PK $20.96 ($5.24 per PK) was $26.20

12 PK $57.60 ($4.80 per PK) was $72.00


Shape: Assorted Sizes
Material: Base Metal
Manufacturer: John James English Needles
Manufacturer # JJ180-37
Description: Best for leather!
John James needles are high quality and one of our most popular beading needle options. Leather Needles are sturdy and have a three sided or triangular point, which reduces abrasion They're great for sewing directly onto natural or synthetic suede or leather. 3 pack ranging in size: 3= 42mm, 5= 39mm, 7= 36mm ensuring the perfect length for most leather craft!
Showroom Aisle: 26
Showroom Section: C

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Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are by far our most popular and versatile seed bead available. Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are of superior quality, machine cut, and are highly valued for their use in bead stringing, bead weaving, embroidery and much much more! Preciosa seed beads are proven to be of the upmost value, and demonstrate the highest level of shape consistency.

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