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Shipwreck Beads has the tool for you! You certain to find just the tool for you, from anvils and mallets for biggest of projects, to lights, magnification and tweezers for your most delicate and precise seed bead projects. We carry a massive selection of wire and side cutters, jewelers pliers, and wire working tools for your fine jewelry projects. Increase the hole size of you favorite lamp beads with a bead reamer and affix your genuine Swarovski hot fix crystals with a hot fix tool!

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Xtra Flex Super Led Craft Light
Picture of MS35, Xtra Flex Super Led Craft Light

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Shape: Lights
Description: You'll love this lightweight, clip-on LED light. It is perfect for detailed seed bead stitching and weaving projects. The wide mouth clip allows you to attach to many surfaces. The strong flexible neck allows you to point your light in any direction!
Runs off 3 AAA batteries.
Last up to 30 hours
Clip on OR Free standing
Special lens spreads light evenly with no hot spots.
Showroom Aisle: 9
Showroom Section: Y

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