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Wire Wrapping

Shipwreck Beads has the tool for you! You certain to find just the tool for you, from anvils and mallets for biggest of projects, to lights, magnification and tweezers for your most delicate and precise seed bead projects. We carry a massive selection of wire and side cutters, jewelers pliers, and wire working tools for your fine jewelry projects. Increase the hole size of you favorite lamp beads with a bead reamer and affix your genuine Swarovski hot fix crystals with a hot fix tool!

Item Details:

Conetastic Mandrel Set 5x2, 8x2 & 11x2mm
Picture of TL425-CM, Conetastic Mandrel Set 5x2, 8x2 & 11x2mm

1 SE $22.99 ($22.99 per SE)

2 SE $41.80 ($20.90 per SE)


Shape: Wire Wrapping
Size: Mandrels
Manufacturer: Beadalon
Description: Sandra Lupo invented this ingenious tool to create custom bead cones and bead caps for strung designs, earrings, Kumihimo and more! The 3 different sizes of cone mandrels fit into the base of the tool for easy storage. To use, simply insert your desired mandrel into the base and tighten into place with the included allen wrench. Place your wire into the insertion hole in the mandrel, hold it in place with your thumb, then gently twist the mandrel until the wire spiral reaches the top.
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Showroom Section: A

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