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Wire Rounder

Jewelry and craft wire design has been steadily increasing in popularity, so be sure to pick up your essential wire working tools! Choose from jigs and mandrels for wire wrapping to bench blocks and hammers for shaping and flattening your wire! Check out our great selection of books on wire working for some great project ideas!

Item Details:

Wire Rounder Set 1.2 & 1.8mm Cup Burs
Picture of FI435, Wire Rounder Set 1.2 & 1.8mm Cup Burs

1 SE $14.95 ($14.95 per SE)


Shape: Wire Rounder
Description: This set includes a wood top pin vise and two cup burs. These cup burs are used for rounding the ends of various sizes of wire. Round the ends of your handmade ear wires for increased comfort. Simply place the end of your craft wire into the cup, push the two firmly together, and twist the tool against the wire to achieve a smooth rounded end. Do not use with memory wire!
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