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Liver of Sulfur

PMC is a fun and simple way to create your very own fine silver jewelry, small sculpture and of course BEADS! Just mold like normal clay, allow to air dry and fire in a kiln. The binder burns away, leaving you with a beautiful piece of fine silver jewelry. Use PMC molding mats or create your own intricate patterns, the natural shrinkage from firing results in patterns appearing even more intricate than they originally were. Original PMC needs a high firing temperature and has a 28% shrinkage and is the most affordable of the clays. PMC+ has a 12-15% shrinkage. PMC3 also has a 12-15% shrinkage and can be fired using just a torch, but is the most dense. All the clays can be re-hydrated before firing so waste is of little concern. Be sure to pick up a Book or DVD for some great ideas and instruction.

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Liver Of Sulfur Squeeze Gel For Pmc 1 Ounce
Picture of PM425-G, Liver Of Sulfur Squeeze Gel For Pmc 1 Ounce

1 EA $8.95 ($8.95 per EA)

2 EA $16.65 ($8.32 per EA)

3 EA $23.95 ($7.98 per EA)


Shape: PMC Tools and Accessories
Size: Liver of Sulfur
Description: Liver of Sulfur Gel or Patina Gel is the stabilized gel form of liver of sulfur and is the most convenient and easiest way for creating patinas on all types of metal clay. The bonus is that it doesn't share the perishable nature of regular liver of sulfur!
The different effects are almost endless based on the two variables of heat and time. The Gel can be used straight or diluted 1/4 teaspoon to 6-12 ounces of water. The water can be from warm to hot (not boiling) and the piece can be left in the solution for an extended time. Watch for the changing effect by checking frequently as you briefly dip into Gel solution and rinse in fresh water repeated as the desired effect is reached.
When the desired patina is reached, simply rinse the piece in fresh water and gently rub baking soda on the piece to completely neutralize the action. Then finish the piece to your desire with various tools such as polishing cloths.
Non flammable.
Stir before each use
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