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This is where you can stick your beads! Proper storage and organization of your beads, findings, tools and stringing materials is an often overlooked necessity until you are overwhelmed with clutter. Proper storage ensures that each and every one of your beloved beads, pendants or gems is protected from spillage. Having your seed beads and fire polished beads separated by size, color and finish is absolutely crucial to a fun and functional beading experience. Thats why we have so many great storage and organization options to choose from. Beading trays are great for having each style and color of bead organized for a single project, while larger storage cases that latch shut are great for traveling and holding your prized beads for longer periods of time.

Item Details:

Czech Crow 1/0 Seed Bead Silverlined Mix 125 Gram
Picture of 1SB400-A, Czech Crow 1/0 Seed Bead Silverlined Mix 125 Gram

1 BX $3.99 ($3.99 per BX)

2 BX $6.00 ($3.00 per BX)

6 BX $14.35 ($2.39 per BX)

18 BX $41.40 ($2.30 per BX)


Shape: Rocaille Mixtures
Size: 01/0 Rocailles
Finish: Silver Lined
Material: Glass
Description: Rocaille Seed Beads are squat and rounded in shape, they're slightly wider around than they are tall.
1/0 Seed beads measure approximately 6.5 millimeters. Always be certain to purchase a few more beads than you plan to need to avoid finding yourself a day late and a bead short. Preciosa Ornela traditional Czech glass seed beads exhibit superior quality, outstanding uniformity, and exceptional breadth of assortment, making them the perfect choice for any beading project!
Showroom Aisle: 23
Showroom Section: B
Catalog Page: 288

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Czech Seed Bead Transparent Aqua Mix 1/0 [26 Strand/kilogram]
Picture of 1SB200-64, Czech Seed Bead Transparent Aqua Mix 1/0 [26 Strand/kilogram]

2 ST $1.95 ($0.97 per ST)

4 ST $3.55 ($0.89 per ST)

15 ST $12.00 ($0.80 per ST)

30 ST $22.85 ($0.76 per ST)


In our catalog page 288
In our Showroom Aisle 20 Section N
More Information.
Search relevance:*****
India All Mixed Up Metal Beads Silver
Picture of ME999-S, India All Mixed Up Metal Beads Silver

50 GM $2.25 ($0.04 per GM)

100 GM $3.25 ($0.03 per GM)

500 GM $12.90 ($0.03 per GM)

2500 GM $61.85 ($0.02 per GM)


In our catalog page 856
In our Showroom Aisle 27 Section U
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In Saucer Mix 3x7mm
Picture of IN61, In Saucer Mix 3x7mm

500 PC $2.25 ($0.00 per PC)

1000 PC $3.15 ($0.00 per PC)

5500 PC $13.00 ($0.00 per PC)

16500 PC $37.50 ($0.00 per PC)


In our catalog page 709
In our Showroom Aisle 33 Section I
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Save 20%
Czech Faceted Round All Mixed Up
Picture of 99FC525, Czech Faceted Round All Mixed Up

100 GM $2.80 ($0.03 per GM) was $3.50

200 GM $4.90 ($0.02 per GM) was $6.12

500 GM $9.80 ($0.02 per GM) was $12.25

1000 GM $18.80 ($0.02 per GM) was $23.50


In our catalog page 285
In our Showroom Aisle 14 Section E
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