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Vintage Venetian Chevron Cane 15-19mm 7 Inch
Picture of SV519-7, Vintage Venetian Chevron Cane 15-19mm 7 Inch

1 PC $7.25 ($7.25 per PC)

2 PC $13.00 ($6.50 per PC)

4 PC $17.50 ($4.38 per PC)

8 PC $30.00 ($3.75 per PC)


Currently out of stock
Shape: Unfinished Glass Cane
Size: 6 Layer Chevron
Finish: 15-19mm
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Societa Veneziana Conterie
Made in: Murano Italy
Description: Unfinished 6 layer chevron canes are in great condition, having been locked away from the market in storage for upwards of a century. Manufactured between 1890 and 1930, these exquisite examples of fine Venetian craftsmanship are a must have for both bead and antique lovers. Cane is sold by the usable inch.
Showroom Aisle: 1
Showroom Section: M

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