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Experience the superior quality and elegance of our cloisonne beads! Cloisonne beads are created by affixing a metal wire to the base bead to act as a color seperater. A powdered colored glass enamel is then painted between the partitions. After a firing and polishing process, the bead is electroplated in a gold or silver film and a beautiful new bead is born. The art of cloisonne was first developed in the near east. The art form soon spread into China where many production facilities are operated today. Combine cloisonne drops with our precious metal earring parts to create a subtly sophisticated pair of earrings that will be the envy of all your friends. Click here to learn about the safety of products that may fall under California's Proposition 65 lead warning.

Item Details:

Cloisonne Hoop Black Twisted Wire 20mm
Picture of 20CL109-H, Cloisonne Hoop Black Twisted Wire 20mm

3 PC $3.15 ($1.05 per PC)

6 PC $4.70 ($0.78 per PC)

25 PC $15.60 ($0.62 per PC)

50 PC $29.95 ($0.60 per PC)


Shape: Hoops
Size: 20mm
Color: Greys and Blacks
Material: Base Metal
Made in: China
Showroom Aisle: 8
Showroom Section: O

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