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Bells Cones and Triangles

Czech Glass beads are one of the oldest types of Czech beads, dating back over 300 years. Pressed glass beads are formed by pressing a heated glass rod into a mold. No other glass bead type displays the breadth of range, nor has ever been produced on such a mass scale as Czech Glass Beads. Preciosa Ornela Traditional Czech Pressed Glass Beads come in so many varied and versatile shapes, sizes, styles and colors, your design possibilities are nearly boundless. Our selection of Czech Pressed Glass Bead Mixtures are a fun and cost effective way to get a variety of Czech Glass Beads in one quick purchase! Be sure to check out our other traditional Czech glass beads from Preciosa Ornela such as our Czech Seed Beads, Czech Fire Polished Beads, and lustrous Czech Glass Pearls.

Item Details:

Czech Bell Cap Picasso Amethyst 10mm
Picture of 10MU098, Czech Bell Cap Picasso Amethyst 10mm

25 PC $2.25 ($0.09 per PC)

50 PC $4.00 ($0.08 per PC)

300 PC $22.50 ($0.07 per PC)

600 PC $42.45 ($0.07 per PC)


Shape: Bell Caps
Size: 10mm
Color: Pinks and Purples
Finish: Picasso Marbled or Stone Look
Material: Pressed Glass
Manufacturer: Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads
Made in: Czech Republic
Showroom Aisle: 33
Showroom Section: H

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Showroom Location
Aisle 17 Section N
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