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Czech Grape Bunch Green 2 Inchs Average
Picture of 50GX284, Czech Grape Bunch Green 2 Inchs Average

1 PC $2.60 ($2.60 per PC) was $3.25

2 PC $5.00 ($2.50 per PC) was $6.25

3 PC $7.20 ($2.40 per PC) was $9.00

4 PC $9.08 ($2.27 per PC) was $11.35


Currently out of stock
Shape: Fruit
Size: Grapes
Color: Greens
Material: Pressed Glass
Manufacturer: Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads
Made in: Czech Republic
Showroom Aisle: 28
Showroom Section: L

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Glass Grapes Purple 15x25mm Average
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Showroom Location
Aisle 8 Section Q
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