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Dichroic Tubes

These high quality handmade lampwork beads are manufactured by Jablonex®, an integral name in glass beads for over 50 years. Each bead is hand crafted with exquisite precision and detail. Lampwork beads are created by heating a glass rod and winding it into the shape of the base bead, then intricate patterns and colors can be added to the bead with nearly limitless design possibilities. Early lampwork beads were created with the flame of an oil lamp, hence then name, but today are formed with torches. Don't miss out on the rest of our phenomenal selection of traditional Czech glass beads by Jablonex: Czech fire polished beads, Czech pressed glass beads, Czech glass pearls, and Czech seed beads!

Item Details:

Czech Tube Two Tone Pink/amethyst With Dichroic 12mm
Picture of 67CZ5299, Czech Tube Two Tone Pink/amethyst With Dichroic 12mm

1 PC $3.79 ($3.79 per PC)

2 PC $6.10 ($3.05 per PC)

5 PC $12.80 ($2.56 per PC)

15 PC $36.85 ($2.46 per PC)


Shape: Dichroic Tubes
Size: 12mm
Color: Pinks and Purples
Finish: Dichroic Two Tone
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Bonus Beads
Made in: Czech Republic
Description: These unique show-stoppers are lovingly hand crafted by skilled artisans in the Czech Republic. The tradition of Bohemian glassmaking dates back for centuries, and the quality and craftsmanship is evident in each of these traditional Czech glass treasures.
Showroom Aisle: 6
Showroom Section: I
Catalog Page: 697

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