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Czech Woven 2 Tier Montana With Black 20x16mm
Picture of 2BW263-09, Czech Woven 2 Tier Montana With Black 20x16mm

1 PC $2.23 ($2.23 per PC) was $4.45

2 PC $3.95 ($1.98 per PC) was $7.90

3 PC $5.33 ($1.78 per PC) was $10.65

4 PC $6.70 ($1.68 per PC) was $13.40


Shape: Woven Beads
Size: 16x20mm
Finish: Transparent
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads
Made in: Czech Republic
Description: These unique show-stoppers are lovingly hand crafted by skilled artisans in the Czech Republic. The tradition of Bohemian glassmaking dates back for centuries, and the quality and craftsmanship is evident in each of these traditional Czech glass treasures. Each bead is a genuine work of art, and the attractive open weave design and true colors makes these pieces stand apart from any other bead. You may notice a tube of ceramic looking material running through the center of your bead. This material is called slip, and is used to allow the bead to easily slip off the mandrel on which it was formed. This material is intended to crumble away, allowing your stringing material to be visible through the bead.
Showroom Aisle: 30
Showroom Section: R

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Czech Faceted Disc Transparent Montana Blue 8mm
Picture of 74FC269, Czech Faceted Disc Transparent Montana Blue 8mm

25 PC $0.60 ($0.02 per PC) was $1.20

50 PC $1.00 ($0.02 per PC) was $2.00

300 PC $4.20 ($0.01 per PC) was $8.40

1200 PC $13.97 ($0.01 per PC) was $27.95


Showroom Location
Aisle 14 Section T
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