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Agate beads and pendants are a banded and or multi-colored member of the quartz family. The characteristic bands of color are caused by the presence of iron and manganese. Agate, one of the oldest known gems has been valued for thousands of years. The most popular types of agate include blue lace agate and moss agate. Agate is reputed to aid insomnia and sweet dreams. Other members of the quartz family include jasper, carnelian and onyx.

Item Details:

Black Agate Faceted 6 Sided Oval 8x13mm A Grade
Picture of 36ST401-6F, Black Agate Faceted 6 Sided Oval 8x13mm A Grade

1 ST $28.95 ($28.95 per ST)

2 ST $52.50 ($26.25 per ST)

3 ST $69.30 ($23.10 per ST)

4 ST $88.85 ($22.21 per ST)


Shape: Black Agate
Size: Ovals
Finish: 08x13mm
Material: Agate
Description: These stunning treasures were individually hand picked by our buyers at this year's Tucson Gem Show! Each spectacular gem has been selected for quality and beauty.
Showroom Aisle: 1
Showroom Section: L
Catalog Page: NEW2012

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