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In Greek Mythology, Amethyst was created thanks to the god of wine Dionysus (Bacchus)and the goddess Diana. However, in the view of more modern beliefs, amethyst is a highly prized purple colored quartz. The deeper the shade of purple the higher quality the stone. Very pale specimens of this stone can be heat treated to create green amethyst. Amethyst is reputed to have healing, and intuitive properties. Amethyst is The birthstone for February.

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Fuchsite Ruby Puff Square 10mm
Picture of 54ST468, Fuchsite Ruby Puff Square 10mm

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40 PC $14.11 ($0.35 per PC) was $16.60

80 PC $22.57 ($0.28 per PC) was $26.55

160 PC $43.39 ($0.27 per PC) was $51.05


Shape: Cubes Squares and Rectangles
Size: 10mm
Material: Fuchsite Ruby
Description: Fuchsite is moscovite with concentrations of chromium to create a lovely emerald hue. The pink hues are indeed ruby embedded within the stone. The crystalline white hues are quartz crystal. The combination of these three stones produces pieces with bold complimentary colors that will look great in many designs.
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Fuchsite Ruby Round 8mm
Picture of 8ST468, Fuchsite Ruby Round 8mm

5 PC $2.72 ($0.54 per PC) was $3.20

10 PC $4.04 ($0.40 per PC) was $4.75

50 PC $16.15 ($0.32 per PC) was $19.00

100 PC $31.02 ($0.31 per PC) was $36.50


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Fuchsite Ruby Puff Square 8mm 50 Piece Per Strand Average
Picture of 52ST468, Fuchsite Ruby Puff Square 8mm 50 Piece Per Strand Average

1 ST $14.88 ($14.88 per ST) was $17.50

2 ST $25.33 ($12.66 per ST) was $29.80

3 ST $33.28 ($11.09 per ST) was $39.15

4 ST $42.24 ($10.56 per ST) was $49.70


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