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Bamboo Coral

Like Pearls, Corals help make up the very small list of organic jewelry materials. Also, like pearls, Corals consist of more than 90% calcium carbonate. The corals used in bead and jewelry making are not the protected coral species of the fragile coral reefs, but the more common and hearty species such as corallium japonicum or corallium rubrum. Coral is sensitive to heat, direct sunlight and cosmetics. Currently the International Commission of Colored Gemstones (CIBJO) recognizes only five organic (once living material) gemstones: Ammolite, amber, pearl, jet, and coral. Bamboo coral grows in segmented sections similar to those of bamboo. Match our bamboo coral with turquoise, sterling silver and heishi style beads.

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Bronzite Puff Coin 20mm
Picture of 20ST469-D, Bronzite Puff Coin 20mm

20 PC $14.95 ($0.75 per PC)

40 PC $25.00 ($0.62 per PC)

60 PC $34.40 ($0.57 per PC)

120 PC $66.00 ($0.55 per PC)


Shape: Discs
Size: 20mm
Material: Bronzite
Description: Bronzite is a "weathered" hypersthene. The chemical "weathering" process produces a bronze like metallic sheen. Bronzite usually contains inclusions of reflective minerals. The inclusions sparkle like little flecks of gold in the light. Bronzite can be found in North America, Africa, and Europe.
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Showroom Section: F

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