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Imitation Malachite

Our glass gemstones are manufactured by the same companies in the same factories as many of our natural gemstones. Our glass gemstones offer delightful colors and sparkle at fantastic value

Item Details:

Faux Malachite Oval 15x20mm
Picture of 35ST404-IM, Faux Malachite Oval 15x20mm

2 PC $2.20 ($1.10 per PC)

4 PC $3.25 ($0.81 per PC)

19 PC $13.95 ($0.73 per PC)

57 PC $39.40 ($0.69 per PC)


Shape: Imitation Malachite
Size: Ovals
Finish: 15x20mm
Material: Resin
Made in: China
Description: These attractive resin beads perfectly resemble the gorgeous undulating greens of high grade malachite.
Showroom Aisle: 2
Showroom Section: Q
Catalog Page: NEW2009

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Currently out of stock
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