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Our glass gemstones are manufactured by the same companies in the same factories as many of our natural gemstones. Our glass gemstones offer delightful colors and sparkle at fantastic value

Item Details:

Strawberry Glass Disc 10mm
Picture of 10ST459-D, Strawberry Glass Disc 10mm

39 PC $9.95 ($0.26 per PC)

78 PC $17.45 ($0.22 per PC)

122 PC $24.00 ($0.20 per PC)

156 PC $29.70 ($0.19 per PC)


Shape: Rose Quartz Glass
Size: Discs Rings and Rondelles
Finish: 10mm
Material: Glass
Made in: China
Description: This delightful strawberry colored glass is a bright substitute for rose quartz . It has a sweetly appetizing transparent pink color resembling a piece of strawberry candy. Combine our "rose quartz" glass beads with cream colored Czech glass pearls to create an irresistible strawberries and cream necklace!
Showroom Aisle: 9
Showroom Section: V

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Saturn Fluted Silver 6.5mm
Picture of ME70-S, Saturn Fluted Silver 6.5mm

12 PC $2.10 ($0.18 per PC)

24 PC $3.20 ($0.13 per PC)

144 PC $15.40 ($0.11 per PC)

288 PC $29.65 ($0.10 per PC)


Showroom Location
Aisle 11 Section G
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Carnelian Agate Round 10mm 39 Piece Per Strand Average
Picture of 10ST428, Carnelian Agate Round 10mm 39 Piece Per Strand Average

1 ST $9.25 ($9.25 per ST)

2 ST $13.85 ($6.92 per ST)

3 ST $16.65 ($5.55 per ST)

6 ST $32.00 ($5.33 per ST)


Showroom Location
Aisle 3 Section C
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