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Goldstone contains no gold, and is not a stone, but is beautiful enough to often be classified as a gemstone. This manmade gem consists of tiny copper flecks suspended within glass. It is most commonly reddish brown, but is also available in either blue or green. Some practitioners of alternative medicine believe the copper inclusions can improve circulation and decrease arthritis pain.

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Black Onyx Donut 25mm
Picture of 73ST401, Black Onyx Donut 25mm

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Shape: Donuts
Size: 25mm
Material: Black Onyx
Description: Gemstone donuts are fun, fabulous and versatile! They make great links, are great for wire wrapped center pieces, and of course pendants! Donut bails are specially designed to convert your favorite gemstone donut into your favorite pendant. The donut bails are changeable, so you can swap out donut pendants every season, every outfit, or everyday!
Onyx, a banded variety of the quartz family, is mined in Brazil, India, Madagascar, U.S.A and Uruguay. The only difference between onyx and other banded agates is that the stripes of onyx are even and uniform. Black onyx's uniform black color is achieved by dyeing and or by heat treating. The name Onyx is a Greek word meaning claw or fingernail, as it was once believed that onyx was created from the goddess Venus's fingernail clippings. Onyx and Sardonyx are essentially the same stone: onyx will have a black base, and sardonyx has a brown base.
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Hematite Donut 25mm
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Black Onyx Round 4mm 98 Piece Per Strand
Picture of 4ST401, Black Onyx Round 4mm 98 Piece Per Strand

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2 ST $7.28 ($3.64 per ST) was $10.40

5 ST $15.96 ($3.19 per ST) was $22.80

10 ST $30.38 ($3.04 per ST) was $43.40


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