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Olive Jade

Jade has been highly valued by humans for over 7,000 years. Considered a symbol of nobility and perfection by the Chinese, Jade was often carved into religious and mystical symbols. Jade was also used by ancient Central American cultures and was more highly valued than gold. The popularity of Jade in the Americas drastically decreased with the Spanish conquest. The term Jade encompasses two separate species of Jade: Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite being the rarer of the two stones is quite expensive. Jade's color is determined by the amount of iron within the stone. Low iron levels produce colors such as white and light grey, while higher level of iron result in darker reds, greys, and greens. Also, don't miss our great selection of jade pendants!

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Olive Jade Chips 36 Inch Strand
Picture of 99ST533, Olive Jade Chips 36 Inch Strand

1 ST $2.35 ($2.35 per ST)

2 ST $3.55 ($1.77 per ST)

10 ST $14.10 ($1.41 per ST)

30 ST $40.70 ($1.36 per ST)


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Shape: Olive Jade
Size: Chips
Color: Green Gemstones
Finish: 05x08mm
Material: Serpentine
Description: This yellowish green variety of Serpentine is complimentary to many earth toned ensembles. This fabulously olive tinted stone looks great strung on its own or combined with round gold filled beads.
Small gemstone chips and nuggets are both popular and versatile. Their convenient size makes them easy to work with, and useful in a wide variety of designs. You can use them as a subtle color accent or base your entire design upon them. Their natural organic shape makes them a great partner for beads like precious metal rounds or metallic seed beads.
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