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Brecciated Jasper

Also referred to as Poppy Jasper, this jasper offers deep brick red and cream coloring. It is similar to red jasper, but with deeper tones and more mineral inclusions. Because this is a natural stone, colors and patterns will vary from bead to bead.

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Poppy Jasper Ring 15mm
Picture of 15ST454-R, Poppy Jasper Ring 15mm

3 PC $2.75 ($0.92 per PC)

6 PC $4.25 ($0.71 per PC)

26 PC $15.00 ($0.58 per PC)

52 PC $28.85 ($0.55 per PC)


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Aisle 2 Section P
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Brecciated Jasper Cube 8mm With 2mm Hole
Picture of ST5597, Brecciated Jasper Cube 8mm With 2mm Hole

1 ST $11.35 ($11.35 per ST)

2 ST $17.60 ($8.80 per ST)

3 ST $23.80 ($7.93 per ST)

4 ST $30.50 ($7.62 per ST)


Currently out of stock
New 02/14 Location
Aisle 1 Section L
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