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Discs Rings and Rondelles

Jasper is a versatile, decorative member of the quartz family that is well known for its interesting patterns. Jasper is often named for either its pattern or for its location of origin. Please be advised, that since jasper comes in so many varieties, its nomenclature is not entirely established. Many jaspers have multiple names. Jasper was one of the 12 gems set into the foundations of the city walls of Jerusalem, and is considered a highly protective stone by many of today's crystal healers. Other members of the quartz family include agate, carnelian and onyx. As jasper is a natural material, colors and patterns will very from bed to bead.

Item Details:

Peace Stone Coin/disc 20mm 20 Piece Per Strand
Picture of 20ST512-D, Peace Stone Coin/disc 20mm 20 Piece Per Strand

1 ST $9.79 ($9.79 per ST)

2 ST $15.35 ($7.67 per ST)

3 ST $19.20 ($6.40 per ST)

4 ST $24.55 ($6.14 per ST)


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Shape: Peace/Lotus Jasper
Size: Discs Rings and Rondelles
Finish: 20mm
Material: Jasper
Description: AKA: "lotus jasper". This lovely jasper's soft colors are certain to inspire feelings of peace and tranquility. The peaceful colors of this stone resemble a fresh spring garden just on the verge of bloom. So, pour yourself a hot cup of green tea, sit back, and revel in the soft sage greens, creamy ivories and subtle whispers of lavender. Because this is a natural stone, colors and patterns will vary from bead to bead.
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