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Like Moonstone, Labradorite is a variety of Feldspar. Upon first glance Labradorite can seem to be a dull dark uninteresting crystal. But when viewed from other angles this gem's beauty begins to shine. It exhibits an intensely colorful play of light across its planed surfaces, appropriately referred to as labradoresence. Its lusterous and almost metallic reflections make this gem ideal for bold jewelry creations. The Natives of Labrador once used the powdered gem as a magical curative potion. The incredibly rich bold blue tones of Blue labradorite are a result of dying or heat treating, and the color penetrates through the entire stone.


Labradorite Chips 36 Inch Strand
Picture of 99ST356, Labradorite Chips 36 Inch Strand

1 ST $2.49 ($2.49 per ST)

2 ST $3.95 ($1.98 per ST)

10 ST $15.95 ($1.59 per ST)

20 ST $30.65 ($1.53 per ST)


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Labradorite Smooth Chips
Picture of 99ST456, Labradorite Smooth Chips

1 ST $16.50 ($16.50 per ST)

2 ST $24.75 ($12.38 per ST)

3 ST $29.70 ($9.90 per ST)

4 ST $38.10 ($9.53 per ST)


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