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Magnesite or Magnesium Carbonate can range from transparent to opaque and is a highly porous, low luster stone which makes it a great candidate for enhancement and dying. It can be difficult to distinguish magnesite from both dolomite and serpentine, both are also very suitable stones for enhancement and often marketed as faux jade . Magnesite can be dyed into a broad spectrum of bold colors, and is often enhanced to resemble turquoise, it is sometimes known as lime turquoise, white turquoise, or marshmallow turquoise. Native American cultures have crafted magnesite into beads for both jewelry and currency for hundreds of years.

Item Details:

Magnesite Turquoise Oval 22x25mm
Picture of 33ST612-9, Magnesite Turquoise Oval 22x25mm

1 ST $3.49 ($3.49 per ST)

2 ST $6.00 ($3.00 per ST)

5 ST $12.00 ($2.40 per ST)

15 ST $32.50 ($2.17 per ST)


Shape: Ovals
Size: 22x25mm
Color: Turquoise Magnesite
Material: Dyed Stabilized Magnesite
Made in: China
Showroom Aisle: 4
Showroom Section: G

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