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Along with lapis lazuli, Malachite is one of human kinds first precious stones. It has been used for over 7,000 years and was quite popular with ancient Egyptians. Malachite has been associated with numerous goddesses throughout history, such as the Egyptian goddesses Toeris, and Hathor as well as the Greek goddess Venus. Malachite is easily recognized for it is a deep banded green color. Like Lapis, Malachite was ground and used as a pigment.

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Red Malachite 4 Side Oval 12x36mm
Picture of 39ST482-L4, Red Malachite 4 Side Oval 12x36mm

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33 PC $11.80 ($0.36 per PC) was $23.60

77 PC $26.55 ($0.34 per PC) was $53.10


Shape: Red Malachite
Size: Drops and Ovals
Finish: 13x36mm
Material: Jasper
Description: The name Red Malachite is the trade name for a red banded jasper whose bandings closely resemble that of true (green) malachite.
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Showroom Section: D

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