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Rhyolite is a mottled mossy green, beige and grey stone with the occasional hint of peach. Rhyolite is sometimes confused for leopard skin jasper , but is actually nearly identical to granite. Rhyolite is formed from rapidly cooling magma. This stone is much less common than granite, but can be found in large deposits in Yellow Stone Park in Wyoming, USA.

Item Details:

Rhyolite Round 8mm
Picture of 8ST478-2, Rhyolite Round 8mm

1 ST $7.97 ($7.97 per ST)

2 ST $13.65 ($6.83 per ST)

3 ST $18.00 ($6.00 per ST)

6 ST $32.80 ($5.47 per ST)


Shape: Rounds
Size: 08mm
Material: Rhyolite
Made in: China
Description: Special factory closeout purchase! We purchased an entire factory's worth of high quality gemstones at an unbelievable deal and are passing our good fortune onto you! Product is limited to stock on hand.
Showroom Aisle: 2
Showroom Section: J

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