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Tektite Bead/drop 10-20mm 15 In Strand
Picture of ST13, Tektite Bead/drop 10-20mm 15 In Strand

1 ST $7.95 ($7.95 per ST)

2 ST $14.40 ($7.20 per ST)

3 ST $19.90 ($6.63 per ST)

4 ST $24.65 ($6.16 per ST)


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Shape: Nuggets
Size: 10-20mm
Material: Tektite
Description: Like Obsidian, Tektite is a naturally occurring fused glass rock. While Obsidian is formed from volcanic activity, Tektite is believed to be formed by cataclysmic meteor and or comet impacts with Earth. The unfathomable heat and pressure of a large impact likely liquefied or even vaporized rocks as they were strewn into the sky, the material then solidified into glass gems as they rained back down onto the Earth. Tektites are about 1,000 times drier than Obsidian and contain very few mineral inclusions. These traits are symptoms of the catastrophic impacts from which they were formed. These unique and fascinating treasures are found in only four locations worldwide, called Strewnfields. Three locales (the European, North American, and Ivory Coast Strewnfields are associated with known impact craters. While a number of theories exist about the identity of the fourth, and largest (Australiasian) strewnfield's impact crater, it has yet to be positively identified. It is theorized that this unidentified impact crater could range from 32 to 114 miles in diameter.
Our Tektites are from the Australasian Strewnfield. The pieces are collected by farmers as they come across the objects in their fields, and then sold to our supplier to be crafted into delectably interesting beads.
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