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Drops and Ovals

Relatively new to the gemstone market, Tiger Iron is a metamorphosed rock consisting of red jasper , tigereye and hematite . Billions of years ago deposits of these three parent stones were smooshed together between shifting tectonic plates. The distinctive bands of steely silver, warm mahogany, and chatoyant gold make this stone a perfect addition to many earth toned fashions.


Tiger Iron Oval 25x30mm
Picture of 39ST437, Tiger Iron Oval 25x30mm

1 PC $2.85 ($2.85 per PC)

4 PC $8.45 ($2.11 per PC)

15 PC $25.15 ($1.68 per PC)

30 PC $48.40 ($1.61 per PC)


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Tiger Iron Oval 22x36mm
Picture of 39ST437-XL, Tiger Iron Oval 22x36mm

1 PC $2.75 ($2.75 per PC)

3 PC $6.00 ($2.00 per PC)

11 PC $17.60 ($1.60 per PC)

33 PC $50.75 ($1.54 per PC)


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Aisle 1 Section L
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