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At one time, nearly all yellow, brown and sometimes green gemstones were called topaz, which can lead to some confusion even today. The term "smoky topaz" was once commonly used for smokey quartz , and citrine was once known as "golden topaz". These misleading trade names are no longer acceptable in the gemstone market, but are still found from time to time. True topaz is sometimes called precious topaz to avoid any confusion with other stones. Blue topaz is a widely available and affordable form of treated colorless topaz.

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Blue Topaz A A Pear 9-10mm Average 8in Strand
Picture of 47ST629-F2, Blue Topaz A A Pear 9-10mm Average 8in Strand

1 ST $89.50 ($89.50 per ST)

2 ST $163.80 ($81.90 per ST)

3 ST $235.90 ($78.63 per ST)

5 ST $378.00 ($75.60 per ST)


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Shape: Blue Topaz
Size: Drops
Finish: 09-10mm
Material: Topaz
Made in: India
Description: Breathtakingly faceted gems crafted in India! Our India Cut gemstones are high in stone quality and are often irregular in shape, size and hole placement due to the handcrafted nature of the bead.
These stunning blue Topaz beads are simply irresistible! Although blue topaz does occur naturally, nearly all blue topaz available for purchase is enhanced by irradiation. Topaz (Aluminum Fluorite Silicate) should be treated with care. Avoid rough handling, and high temperatures associated with steam cleaning, as well as drastic temperature variances.
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