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Discs Rings and Rondelles

Turquoise has been a highly popular semi-precious gem to many societies from the Egyptians to the Aztecs since ancient times. Turquoise is a very porous material, so heat, light, oils, and chemicals can have a negative effect on the stones color and luster. Turquoise is most popular in southwestern fashions. Use turquoise beads with sterling silver beads and charms, and heishi shells.

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Turquoise Heishi 5mm
Picture of 73ST413, Turquoise Heishi 5mm

1 ST $44.75 ($44.75 per ST)

2 ST $78.30 ($39.15 per ST)

3 ST $93.95 ($31.32 per ST)

4 ST $120.45 ($30.11 per ST)


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Aisle 3 Section B
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Turquoise Rondell 6mm
Picture of 74ST413, Turquoise Rondell 6mm

10 PC $8.00 ($0.80 per PC)

20 PC $12.10 ($0.60 per PC)

40 PC $19.35 ($0.48 per PC)

105 PC $45.40 ($0.43 per PC)


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Aisle 1 Section R
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Turquoise Heishi 6mm
Picture of 75ST413, Turquoise Heishi 6mm

1 ST $26.95 ($26.95 per ST)

2 ST $44.65 ($22.32 per ST)

3 ST $53.60 ($17.87 per ST)

4 ST $68.70 ($17.18 per ST)


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Aisle 3 Section C
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