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Turquoise has been a highly popular semi-precious gem to many societies from the Egyptians to the Aztecs since ancient times. Turquoise is a very porous material, so heat, light, oils, and chemicals can have a negative effect on the stones color and luster. Turquoise is most popular in southwestern fashions. Use turquoise beads with sterling silver beads and charms, and heishi shells.

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Kambaba Jasper Ring 15mm
Picture of 15ST480-R, Kambaba Jasper Ring 15mm

3 PC $2.95 ($0.98 per PC)

6 PC $4.40 ($0.73 per PC)

27 PC $15.85 ($0.59 per PC)

54 PC $30.50 ($0.56 per PC)


Shape: Kambaba Jasper
Size: Rings
Finish: 15mm
Material: Jasper
Description: Center hole measures 6mm. Open up a whole new realm of design possibilities with these fantastically fashionable gemstone rings! The open center hole allows you to either display your stringing material such as Soft Flex's Trios line, or showcase a bead suspended within the center of the ring.
The bold mossy green inclusions in this jasper are fossilized algae, and resemble the lush jungles of Africa. The stone originates from a rift running from South Africa to Madagascar. Some gemstone spiritualists believe Kamababa Jasper brings balance and relaxation, and that it may even help facilitate plant growth. Because this is a natural stone, colors and patterns will vary from bead to bead.
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