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Turquoise has been a highly popular semi-precious gem to many societies from the Egyptians to the Aztecs since ancient times. Turquoise is a very porous material, so heat, light, oils, and chemicals can have a negative effect on the stones color and luster. Turquoise is most popular in southwestern fashions. Use turquoise beads with sterling silver beads and charms, and heishi shells.

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Rhyolite Puff Oval 10x20mm
Picture of 35ST478-2, Rhyolite Puff Oval 10x20mm

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63 PC $19.90 ($0.32 per PC)

84 PC $25.50 ($0.30 per PC)


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Shape: Ovals
Size: 10x20mm
Material: Rhyolite
Description: Rhyolite is a mottled mossy green, beige and grey volcanic rock with the occasional hint of peach. Rhyolite is sometimes confused for leopard skin jasper, but is actually closely related to both granite and obsidian. Rhyolite is formed from rapidly cooling magma, often resulting in glassy inclusions. This stone can be found in large deposits near Yellow Stone Park in Wyoming, USA.
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Metal Daisy Flower Bookmark Silver 5 Inch
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