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Pinks and Purples

Glass beads, from India of course! India glass beads come in tons of colors and styles! Most of our India beads are available as mixtures, so don't forget to check them out to see the broadest range of beads india has to offer! You'll also love our bead kits from India. These kits are perfect for beginners because they give you a great assortment of complimentary colored beads in a handy storage case. Buy them in bulk for a fun group crafting activity. They are available in lots of fun bold color mixes.

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India Round Glass Pearl Hot Pink 6-7mm 16in
Picture of 7IN694, India Round Glass Pearl Hot Pink 6-7mm 16in

3 ST $2.00 ($0.67 per ST) was $2.85

10 ST $5.14 ($0.51 per ST) was $7.35

20 ST $8.22 ($0.41 per ST) was $11.75

60 ST $23.45 ($0.39 per ST) was $33.50


Shape: Rounds
Size: 06-07mm
Color: Pinks and Purples
Finish: Pearl
Material: Glass
Made in: India
Showroom Aisle: 33
Showroom Section: H

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