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JBB International is a major manufacturer of superior Sterling Silver, Anti-Tarnish Brass, Copper and Pewter cast beads, findings and charms. JBB Israeli beads and findings are well known for their quality, design innovation, and consistency. It's easy to satisfy nearly all your jewelry findings needs with JBB, whether you're searching for high end sterling silver items or more affordable plated pewter alternatives!

Item Details:

Bead Tube Sterling 6x5mm
Picture of 62SS256, Bead Tube Sterling 6x5mm

1 PC $1.90 ($1.90 per PC)

2 PC $3.30 ($1.65 per PC)

6 PC $7.90 ($1.32 per PC)

12 PC $15.15 ($1.26 per PC)


Shape: Barrels and Tubes
Size: 05x06mm
Color: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Material: Sterling Silver
Manufacturer: JBB International
Made in: Israel
Showroom Aisle: 40
Showroom Section: C

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