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Add-a-Bead/Interchangeable jewelry systems offer quick, stylish, and nearly effortless fashion jewelry for any budget! They're just the ticket for high-end boutique styles with minimal cost and effort. Choose from our premium Caprice Jewelry System line, featuring designer quality sterling silver components, or our stunning selections of Lamp-work Grommet beads, Rhinestone Pave Beads, or any number of economy selections! Simply unscrew, or remove the clasp at the end of the bracelet or necklace, slide on your favorite large hole beads and then re-secure the clasp! Beads can be locked snugly in place with stopper beads.

Item Details:

Bone Large Hole Grommet Carved Tan 8x15m
Picture of LH1101-51, Bone Large Hole Grommet Carved Tan 8x15m

2 PC $2.80 ($1.40 per PC)

6 PC $6.25 ($1.04 per PC)

20 PC $16.65 ($0.83 per PC)

40 PC $32.15 ($0.80 per PC)


Shape: Bone Grommet Beads
Size: 08x15mm
Color: Browns/Tans/Golds
Material: Bone and Base Metal
Made in: China
Showroom Aisle: 9
Showroom Section: D
Catalog Page: NEW2012

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