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Bracelet 8 Inch 3mm With Smart Capri Sterling Silver
Picture of 8SS299-1, Bracelet 8 Inch 3mm With Smart Capri Sterling Silver

1 EA $21.99 ($21.99 per EA)

2 EA $40.25 ($20.12 per EA)

3 EA $50.75 ($16.92 per EA)


Shape: Caprice Sterling Silver Bracelets
Size: 08 Inch
Color: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Material: Sterling Silver
Description: The caprice jewelry system is just the ticket for high-end boutique styles with minimal cost and effort. Any woman would be delighted to receive a piece of jewelry utilizing this simplistically sophisticated design concept! Simply open the clasp at the end of the bracelet, slide on your selected beads and then re-secure the clasp! Beads can be locked snugly in place with included smart beads. Measures 8 inches long, 3mm thick.
Showroom Aisle: 1
Showroom Section: A

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Showroom Location
Aisle 9 Section D
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