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Gemstone Mixtures

Bead mixtures are a great cost effective way to get a wide variety of similar beads all at once. Our bead mixtures are all complimentary colors, shapes, styles and or sizes. Having complimentary color mixtures can help take the guess work out of choosing colors for your jewelry creations. We currently offer hundreds of different bead mixtures, and our selection continues to grow. We offer lots of popular bead mixtures such as fire polished beads, pressed beads, seed beads , india beads plus much much more. Bead mixtures cannot guarantee exact quantities of specific colors, shapes or sizes. So if you have a favorite bead within a mix be sure to buy enough quantity so as to not run out before your project is completed.

Item Details:

Stone Donut Mix 20mm
Picture of 72ST525-D, Stone Donut Mix 20mm

3 PC $4.10 ($1.37 per PC)

10 PC $10.25 ($1.02 per PC)

30 PC $24.55 ($0.82 per PC)

90 PC $70.75 ($0.79 per PC)


Shape: Mixed Stone
Size: Donuts
Finish: 20mm
Material: Mixed Stone
Description: Our beautiful mixed stone donut selection consist of a fantastic assortment of gemstones at unbelievable value! Mixtures consist of a variety of natural, dyed and manmade (glass) gemstones. Your mixture may include gems such as Quartz, Tiger Eye, Agate, Carnelian, Unakite, Goldstone, Jasper, and more!!!
Design Idea:Check out our attractive, interchangeable donut bails designed to instantly transform your gemstone donut into a fashionable pendant!
Showroom Aisle: 5
Showroom Section: D

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Magnesite Round Mix
Picture of ST5999, Magnesite Round Mix

100 GM $3.95 ($0.04 per GM)

200 GM $4.95 ($0.02 per GM)

500 GM $10.00 ($0.02 per GM)

1500 GM $27.00 ($0.02 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 4 Section P
More Information.
Search relevance:*****
Mixed Gemstone Donuts
Picture of ST9, Mixed Gemstone Donuts

500 GM $7.49 ($0.01 per GM)

1000 GM $12.85 ($0.01 per GM)

1500 GM $17.25 ($0.01 per GM)

5000 GM $49.95 ($0.01 per GM)


Showroom More Information.
Search relevance:*****
Bone Assorted Mix Shapes And Sizes Dyed
Picture of BN125-MX, Bone Assorted Mix Shapes And Sizes Dyed

100 GM $2.25 ($0.02 per GM)

200 GM $3.50 ($0.02 per GM)

1000 GM $13.75 ($0.01 per GM)

3000 GM $39.50 ($0.01 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 24 Section V
More Information.
Search relevance:***
Agogo Donut Green/ruby/blue Multi 30mm
Picture of 79AG7847, Agogo Donut Green/ruby/blue Multi 30mm

1 PC $2.25 ($2.25 per PC)

2 PC $3.45 ($1.73 per PC)

8 PC $11.00 ($1.38 per PC)

24 PC $31.75 ($1.32 per PC)


Showroom Location
Aisle 5 Section M
More Information.
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