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Plastic Mixtures

Our India mixtures come in a huge assortment of materials, sizes, styles, and colors. India mixes are vastly popular, versatile, and cost effective. India glass bead mixtures often appear dusty. This is a material called kiln wash or slip that is used to help the beads slip of the wire they were formed around during the manufacturing process. The kiln wash is perfectly safe and washes of very easily. Also be sure to check out our India bead kits in handy storage containers all in complimentary color combinations.

Item Details:

India Plastic Claw Pendant Assorted Swirl 55mm
Picture of PL345, India Plastic Claw Pendant Assorted Swirl 55mm

5 PC $2.72 ($0.54 per PC)

10 PC $4.04 ($0.40 per PC)

30 PC $9.72 ($0.32 per PC)

90 PC $28.00 ($0.31 per PC)


Shape: Plastic Mixtures
Size: Resin Claw Pendants
Color: 55mm
Material: Resin and Base Metal
Made in: India
Showroom Aisle: 30
Showroom Section: G

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