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You will have little doubt as to what to do with these versatile and brightly colored ceramic beads and mixtures! Peruvian ceramic beads lend a fun hand-crafted look to your beaded creations, and go great with wood beads. You can create a jungle full of brightly colored insects and animals. Or, you can create a more masculine piece with animals such as the majestic buffalo or wolf. If animal beads aren't for you, check out the more sophisticated selection of high fired and raku ceramic beads, pendants, and vessels! These pendants look great strung on a simple leather cord.

Item Details:

High Fired Tube With Design 6x14mm
Picture of 14VN638, High Fired Tube With Design 6x14mm

2 PC $1.69 ($0.84 per PC)

4 PC $2.75 ($0.69 per PC)

20 PC $10.65 ($0.53 per PC)

60 PC $29.75 ($0.50 per PC)


Currently out of stock
Shape: Tubes
Size: 06x14mm
Color: High Fire
Material: Ceramic
Made in: Peru
Description: Hand crafted and painted or glazed in Peru. Peruvian ceramic beads and pendants are not toys, and are not intended for children 12 or under.
Showroom Aisle: 8
Showroom Section: D

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