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Greys and Blacks

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Item Details:

Miracle Bead Dark Grey 6mm
Picture of 6MX707, Miracle Bead Dark Grey 6mm

6 PC $2.35 ($0.39 per PC)

12 PC $3.35 ($0.28 per PC)

50 PC $11.15 ($0.22 per PC)

130 PC $27.90 ($0.21 per PC)


Shape: Rounds
Size: 06mm
Color: Greys and Blacks
Finish: Miracle Finish
Material: Lacquered Lucite
Made in: Japan
Description: Our Japanese Miracle or wonder beads start out as modest lucite beads, then the "miraculous" properties of these beads begin. The lucite core is finished in a mirrored silver plate which is then coated in multiple layers of vibrant lacquer. Light passes through the multiple layers of lacquer and is then reflected back through the lacquer due to the mirror like properties of the plating. The reflected light radiates a glowing illusion of shimmery depth.
Showroom Aisle: 28
Showroom Section: C
Catalog Page: 791

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