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With over 300 styles, shapes, sizes and colors of plastic beads to choose from, we are sure you will find just what you need in plastic beads. Plastic beads are versatile and colorful and offer hours of fun for kids of all ages. Plastic pony beads are great for a fun-filled family activity night, They are great for making creatures out of craft wire, as well as for stringing on stretchy elastic beading cord. Check out our children's book selection for even more of great project ideas. Plastic beads like our plastic craft pearl selection can help maintain a cost effective standard to more mature projects. Creating your own customized strands of plastic throw beads out of brightly colored spaghetti and tri beads is a great way to spice up any celebration. Don't forget to check out our plastic bead mixtures for even more brightly colored fun!

Item Details:

Seed Bead Silverlined Mix 1/0
Picture of 1SB402, Seed Bead Silverlined Mix 1/0

1 ST $1.59 ($1.59 per ST)

3 ST $3.55 ($1.18 per ST)

15 ST $14.00 ($0.93 per ST)

30 ST $26.80 ($0.89 per ST)


Shape: Rocaille Mixtures
Size: 01/0 Rocailles
Finish: Silver Lined
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Preciosa Ornela
Made in: Czech Republic
Description: Rocaille Seed Beads are squat and rounded in shape, they're slightly wider around than they are tall.
1/0 Seed beads measure approximately 6.5 millimeters. Expect to receive about 105 beads per strand. Always be certain to purchase a few more beads than you plan to need to avoid finding yourself a day late and a bead short. Preciosa Ornela traditional Czech glass seed beads exhibit superior quality, outstanding uniformity, and exceptional breadth of assortment, making them the perfect choice for any beading project!
Showroom Aisle: 20
Showroom Section: O

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Czech Seed Bead Opaque Luster Mix Loose 1/0
Picture of 1SB301, Czech Seed Bead Opaque Luster Mix Loose 1/0

130 GM $3.75 ($0.03 per GM)

260 GM $5.60 ($0.02 per GM)

650 GM $12.50 ($0.02 per GM)

1300 GM $23.90 ($0.02 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 23 Section B
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Czech Seed Bead Silver Lined Mixed Colors 3/0
Picture of 3SB403, Czech Seed Bead Silver Lined Mixed Colors 3/0

1 BX $2.95 ($2.95 per BX)

2 BX $5.25 ($2.62 per BX)

5 BX $10.65 ($2.13 per BX)

10 BX $20.30 ($2.03 per BX)


Showroom Location
Aisle 20 Section O
More Information.
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Crow Mix Silverlined Mix Round Hole 32/0
Picture of 32SB401, Crow Mix Silverlined Mix Round Hole 32/0

125 GM $3.95 ($0.03 per GM)

250 GM $5.90 ($0.02 per GM)

625 GM $11.80 ($0.02 per GM)

1250 GM $22.70 ($0.02 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 20 Section N
More Information.
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