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Preciosa Nacre Pearl Round Dark Copper 10mm
Picture of 10CC657, Preciosa Nacre Pearl Round Dark Copper 10mm

12 PC $2.28 ($0.19 per PC) was $2.85

50 PC $7.12 ($0.14 per PC) was $8.90

100 PC $11.40 ($0.11 per PC) was $14.25

200 PC $21.92 ($0.11 per PC) was $27.40


Shape: Rounds
Size: 10mm
Color: Dark Copper
Finish: Pearl
Material: Leaded Glass Crystal
Manufacturer: Preciosa 90053
Made in: Czech Republic
Description: Preciosa Crystal Nacre Pearls are a luxurious compliment to Preciosa cut crystal beads. The brilliantly sparkling facets of crystal beads paired with the sensuous luster of Preciosa pearls result in an enchanting marriage of surface glow and texture.
Preciosa pearls have a crystal ball core which has several coats of nacre applied, using a technology that is very similar to the natural production of pearls. Crystal nacre pearls have a gloss on them which makes them indistinguishable from natural pearls. They are also highly resistant to abrasion, UV radiation, and to alcohol based perfumes.
Showroom Aisle: 7
Showroom Section: R

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