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Add stunning visual elegance to your beaded creations with gold filled beads, and experience the sense of pride in knowing that you are wearing high quality precious metal jewelry. The term gold fill, also know as gold overlay, is used for items that have a karat gold coating over a less expensive metal. This karat gold coating must be at least 1/20 the total weight of the item. The gold coating of a Gold fill item is 50 to 100,000 times thicker than the coating of gold plated items.

Item Details:

Oval Bead Sugar Coated Gold Fill 4x6mm
Picture of 34GF854-SC, Oval Bead Sugar Coated Gold Fill 4x6mm

1 PC $2.25 ($2.25 per PC)

2 PC $3.35 ($1.68 per PC)

10 PC $13.30 ($1.33 per PC)

30 PC $38.30 ($1.28 per PC)


Shape: Ovals
Size: 04x06mm
Color: Gold
Finish: Stardust
Material: Gold Fill AKA Gold Overlay
Description: Gloriously glitzy "sugar coated" or "stardust" beads add a fun shimmering glitter-like texture to your sterling silver or gold filled bead designs. Small stardust beads add an intriguing contrast of texture when used alongside smooth beads, and our newer large sized stardust beads can hold their own as a primary focal piece!
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