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Liquid Silver

Add stunning visual elegance to your beaded creations with precious metal beads, and experience the sense of pride in knowing that you are wearing high quality precious metal jewelry. Our gold filled sugar coated rounds add a glitzy sparkle to your jewelry creations. We have a great selection of sterling silver beads to choose from, like rhinestone encrusted sterling silver rounds! Sterling silver is a minimum of 92.5% pure silver, with other minerals added to increase the strength and durability of a naturally soft metal. Precious metal beads add an eye catching metallic shimmer when paired with either gemstones or swarovski crystal beads, and of course, go perfectly with our sterling silver pendants!

Item Details:

Liquid Silver Tube Sterling Silver 1x5mm
Picture of ME40-SS, Liquid Silver Tube Sterling Silver 1x5mm

25 PC $2.10 ($0.08 per PC)

50 PC $3.20 ($0.06 per PC)

200 PC $10.25 ($0.05 per PC)

600 PC $29.25 ($0.05 per PC)


Shape: Liquid Silver
Size: 01x05mm
Color: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Material: Sterling Silver
Description: Liquid silver and gold beads are both beautiful and popular. They are similar in shape to bugle beads, and can be either straight or twisted. The super fine silver tube shaped beads are also commonly known as silver heishi, although heishi is most widely known to be a disc shape. Liquid silver beads can be used as spacers, but are used prevalently in Native American designs along with turquoise beads. They also look incredible alone, strung in multiple strands in either a twisted design or waterfall necklace, displaying a shimmering ripple effect. If you decide to create a shimmering multi-strand liquid silver necklace, expect to use a lot of these tiny beads (the results are well worth it)! Also, you will want to terminate your strands with a sterling silver cone.
There are approximately 1,500 of these little treasures per troy ounce.
Showroom Aisle: 40
Showroom Section: B

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