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New Arrivals

These funky, brightly colored rubber beads are made from recycled tires. The soft stretchy little spikes are just plain fun to touch! These beads are wildly popular in teen and young adult fashion. They look great as earrings and bracelets, and body jewelry such as belly button rings or eyebrow rings. Aside from teens and young adults, these fun little beads are also growing in popularity with fishermen. Yes that's right. Brightly colored rubber beads have proven to be a valuable addition to any tackle box. Just slide the bead over the hook eye to both protect the knot and to attract fish with its bright colors and intriguing texture. If you are or know a fisherman, you should also pick up a book on tying glass bead flies.

Item Details:

Rubber Bead White With Orange 6mm
Picture of 90RB112-34, Rubber Bead White With Orange 6mm

10 PC $3.65 ($0.36 per PC)

20 PC $5.45 ($0.27 per PC)

60 PC $13.10 ($0.22 per PC)

180 PC $37.80 ($0.21 per PC)


Shape: Economy Rounds
Size: 06mm
Color: Oranges
Finish: Two Tone
Material: Rubber over Acrylic
Made in: China
Showroom Aisle: 30
Showroom Section: Z

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