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True Cuts 11/0

Oh boy! Do we have seed beads! We have over 2,500 different rocaille, cut, and bugle beads to choose from, plus and ever growing number of other fun shapes! The vast majority of our seed and bugle bead selection is manufactured by Preciosa the World's foremost manufacturer of glass beads. Czech glass seed beads have been the best selling and most affordable with the broadest range of color, size and finish for over 50 years. We also carry high quality Japanese cylinder seed beads: both Miyuki delica seed beads and Toho treasure seed beads. Not sure what to do with all these seed beads? Check out our many beading books and learn tons of great design possibilities. To quickly string seed beads try using a bead spinner, or try leaving the beads on the hank and stringing them directly onto your cable strand. Also, be sure to check out our great selection of seed bead mixtures.

Item Details:

Czech Seed Bead True Cut Metallic Gold 11/0
Picture of 11SB853-C, Czech Seed Bead True Cut Metallic Gold 11/0

1 H $7.60 ($7.60 per H)

2 H $11.40 ($5.70 per H)

14 H $63.70 ($4.55 per H)

28 H $122.50 ($4.38 per H)


Shape: Charlotte and True Cut Seed Beads
Size: True Cuts 11/0
Color: Browns/Tans/Golds
Finish: Metallic
Material: Glass
Manufacturer: Preciosa Ornela
Made in: Czech Republic
Description: Charlotte and True Cut Seed Beads are round seed beads with a single facet or flat side. This single facet results in irregular shimmers and sparkles, adding interest and depth to your designs. A Charlotte Seed Bead is a "True Cut" seed bead in size 13/0.
True Cut 11/0 Seed Beads measure about 2.1mm. Expect to receive about 4000 beads per hank.
Showroom Aisle: 22
Showroom Section: W
Catalog Page: NEW 02

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