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Swarovski Column Two Hole Bead Amethyst 23mm
Picture of 65CT298-23, Swarovski Column Two Hole Bead Amethyst 23mm

1 PC $4.05 ($4.05 per PC)

2 PC $7.20 ($3.60 per PC)

4 PC $12.91 ($3.23 per PC)

12 PC $35.23 ($2.94 per PC)


Shape: Column Two Hole Beads
Size: 23mm
Color: Amethyst
Finish: Transparent
Material: Leaded Glass Crystal
Made in: Austria
Manufacturer # 5535
Description: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Column Bead (One Hole) (art. 5534) and Column Bead (Two Hole) (Art. 5535) The column beads (one & two hole) create a stunning effect as shining stand alone statements, but also serve as unpretentious coordinates with flashy centerpieces.
Transform your fashions from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have dominated the glass crystal industry for over a century. Their crystals reign supreme in precision, quality, variety, and style. If you want your designs to sparkle with unparalleled sophistication and distinction choose SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!
Showroom Aisle: 5
Showroom Section: Z

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