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Swarovski Elements Globe Round Crystal 10mm
Picture of 10CR212-G, Swarovski Elements Globe Round Crystal 10mm

6 PC $2.85 ($0.48 per PC)

12 PC $5.10 ($0.42 per PC)

36 PC $13.70 ($0.38 per PC)

108 PC $37.30 ($0.35 per PC)


Shape: Globe Beads
Size: 10mm
Color: Crystal
Finish: Transparent
Material: Lead-Free Glass Crystal
Made in: Austria
Manufacturer # 5028/4
Description: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Globe Bead (art. 5028/4): The secret to beauty is often simplicity. The Crystal Globe Bead fascinates with its completely round shape which, in its perfection, bears the distinctive signature of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, accompanied by an opulent 3D effect. As a round element, the Crystal Globe combines particularly well with the new Cabochette Bead and Pendant or the classic art. 5000 Bead to create subtly stylish unisex designs. In its perfect simplicity, the Crystal Globe Bead is a masterful ode to Swarovski purity and precision.
Transform your fashions from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have dominated the glass crystal industry for over a century. Their crystals reign supreme in precision, quality, variety, and style. If you want your designs to sparkle with unparalleled sophistication and distinction choose SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!
Showroom Aisle: 5
Showroom Section: U
Catalog Page: NEW2013

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