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Swarovski Mini Oval Silver Shade 6x8mm
Picture of 6CT311-OV, Swarovski Mini Oval Silver Shade 6x8mm

3 PC $2.40 ($0.80 per PC)

6 PC $4.25 ($0.71 per PC)

20 PC $12.75 ($0.64 per PC)

60 PC $34.75 ($0.58 per PC)


Shape: Mini Ovals
Size: 06x08mm
Color: Crystal Silver Shade
Finish: Crystal Effects
Material: Lead-Free Glass Crystal
Made in: Austria
Manufacturer # 5051
Description: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Mini Oval Beads (art. 5051): Small but perfectly formed, Mini Beads come in a variety of small geometric shapes with complex, refined cuts. They are truly awesome- both as individual elements and in large numbers on statement jewelry.
Transform your fashions from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS have dominated the glass crystal industry for over a century. Their crystals reign supreme in precision, quality, variety, and style. If you want your designs to sparkle with unparalleled sophistication and distinction choose SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS!
Showroom Aisle: 5
Showroom Section: W

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