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Czech Round Transparent Ruby Matte 6mm
Picture of 6RD244-M, Czech Round Transparent Ruby Matte 6mm

100 PC $2.97 ($0.03 per PC)

200 PC $4.75 ($0.02 per PC)

600 PC $11.35 ($0.02 per PC)

1800 PC $32.70 ($0.02 per PC)


Shape: Druks
Size: 06mm
Color: Reds
Finish: Transparent
Material: Pressed Glass
Manufacturer: Preciosa Traditional Czech Beads
Made in: Czech Republic
Description: Czech druk beads are round pressed glass treasures manufactured in the age old Bohemian glass tradition. Preciosa Ornela traditional Czech Druk beads are consistently uniform in shape and size, and are available in nearly innumerable finish and color combinations. Druk beads are widely used in numerous jewelry designs, and are the perfect combination of quality and economy. These popular and versatile Czech glass beads are hand made in small batches, so some slight color variance is to be expected from batch to batch and size to size.
Small beads should be kept away from small children. Hand wash, do not dry clean, do not iron.
Showroom Aisle: 15
Showroom Section: X

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Currently out of stock
Showroom Location
Aisle 16 Section D
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Czech Round Transparent Orange 6mm
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Showroom Location
Aisle 15 Section Y
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